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Compressed air system installation guides

01. Connection

Couplings have been at the center of our business since 1978. Since it’s inception, the prevoS1 line became the most popular quick safety coupling for compressed air on the market today. It’s innovative design is patented and recognized worldwide for its ability to disconnect hoses in one safe, easy step. Push-to-connect couplings guarantee user safety and protects surrounding equipment. The prevoS1 line is available in various connection profiles and will enhance any compressed air powered operation.

02. Distribution
We offer an expansive and diverse range of equipment for distributing energy (air, gas, fluids, oil, water, etc.) from the compressor to the point of use. The Distribution line includes the Prevost Piping System (PPS) for compressed air powered applications. The PPS system is used in numerous manufacturing facilities (food processing, textiles, etc.), the automotive industry and construction. The system efficiently ciruculates air (or other gases) throughout the network from one work station to another. This product line includes our pneumatic tools, hose reels and prevoS1 and 27102 blow guns.
03. Air Treatment

For a compressed air system to run efficiently, air treatment equipment is a critical component. We offer numerous air treatment products for filtering contaminates, draining condensates and drying air. ALTO treatment units are available as indivual modules (filter, regulator, lubricator, filter-regulator) or complete units. They are delivered assembled and packaged with a pressure gauge and wall mounting brackets.

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