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Although Prevost does not install compressed air systems, we will refer you to a dependable team and be availalbe for consulting throughout the process.

In the last section of our catalogue, we explain in detail compressed air power:

  • Compressed air: pressure level, dew point, venturi effect, vacuum…
  • Compressed air systems: checklist, the basic rules of a network, selecting pipe, calculating the flow rate of a compressor, where to install a dryer…          
  • Air treatment and filtration: example of an air treatment line, comparing pneumatic tool air flow rates….
  • Paint applications: hazards of static electricty, additional guidelines…
  • Fitting tables: corresponding pipe diameters
  • Flow rates and head losses: flow rate for compressed air hoses, choosing the proper hose diameter for an air system…
  • Standards and directives: ATEX, OSHA, REACH, ROHS, 2014/68/EU
  • Pneumatic tools: useful/max torque, details of dimesnsions and uses
  • Conversion table: metric/imperial, pressure, vacuum (negative pressure), volume flow rate, power, temperature, length, volume, weight