Our products for the industrial sector

Industrial air systems

Automotive manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry clean air is critical for optimizing performance and producing professional quality results. Moving clean air with consistent flow from the compressor to the tool will increase energy savings and efficiency of the supplied machines or tools.

The Prevost Piping System – PPS distributes clean air with dependable flow rates throughout your air network to workstations. Our system is easy to install and fully customizable to fit any building’s layout.

Pneumatic tool connectors

At a work station, changing out tools is based on two criteria: speed and safety while connecting and disconnecting. prevoS1 couplings allow operators to quickly change out tools in a fluid movement with one simple push of a button. This coupling meets all of the requirements of safety standard ISO 4414 to protect the operator and surrounding equipment against hose whip.


Outfitting work stations

On most assembly lines, work stations are mobile and requires adaptable equipment. Adjustable metal PLA plates with clamps are an option to secure equipment to HEA/IPN beams. Depending on the PLA plate, they are large enough to mount several peices of equipment to one plate. Installation is quick, easy and they meet industry standards.

Pneumatic connectors and blow guns

The textile industry: fabrics and weaving

In textile manufacturing and weaving looms it is imperative to use clean,
non-staining equipment that will not damage fabric.

The composite body, prevoS1 safety coupling will not mark or tear material
and will provide user safety and a long service life. The prevoS1 blow gun is an extension of the prevoS1 safety coupling. When connected, the coupling becomes an ergonomic handle for the blow gun.

In the textile industry, blow guns are often used to remove fabric shavings. With seven different nozzle options available, there is one to suit every application. In this instance, the prevoS1 OSH blow gun with its composite non-scratch nozzle would be ideal because it will not damage fabrics.

Pneumatic connectors and blow guns

Wood working

Workshops are often vulnerable to extreme working conditions. AIRCA hoses are hardy and robust enough to stand up to the most extreme enviornments.
They are specifically designed for harsh enviornments with high abrasion and oil resistance. Even at low temperatures, the hose remains flexible.

Air drying

The presence of water in compressed air is a major problem for saw mills. During extremely cold weather, water in compressed air pipework or hoses can turn to ice and bring the entire work process to a halt.

So it is essential to choose an air drying method that handles these constraints. We offer one type of air dryer: the ALTITUDE refrigeration model. It is designed to treat air with very low temperatures. It thus guarantees work continuity without risk of pipes freezing.

Pneumatic connections on assembly lines

Food processing

The CONEX RX stainless steel, push-to-connect fittings are designed for applications on pneumatic packaging and bottling machines. These quick fittings are designed to be used on automated production lines.

To comply with food sanitation standards, CONEX RX fittings are made of 316 stainless steel with viton gaskets.

Air treatment

Bottling liquids for human consumption requires sanitary air compliant with food-processing requirements. Our MICRO AIR activated carbon filters meet these requirements.

Pneumatic connections on lines

Abbatoirs and animal processing

The constant humidity and presence of brine and detergents in these industries calls for heavy duty accessories like our PROXI couplings made of composite and stainless steel. The construction material and design of the internal coupling body guarantees a perfectly sealed connection, even in the worst conditions.

Water connections

Cleaning processing lines requires water fittings that are shock-resistant and can withstand falls on hard floors. ELS water fittings offer excellent flow rate performance and are anti-corrosive, ideal for these operations.


In abbatoirs, disinfection is a critical procedure; washing equipment must be stainless steel. We recommend the PM & PL JETI stainless steel wash guns:

• Easy to handle and lightweight
• Trigger is protected by safety guard
• Versatile trigger adjustment
• Adjustable spray cone using the trigger
• Directional jet (trigger pressed)
• 60° conical spray (trigger released)
• Rotating water intake
• Totally watertight body and plastic guard
• Rubber ring for impact protection
• Low-pressure gun for use up to 12 bar maximum

In addition to our 316 stainless steel, industrial wash guns (PM JETI and PL JETI), we offer stainless steel hose reels (DSFI, DRFI, DMOI, DGOI, DLOI).

Connecting cooling circuits

Thermoplastic industry: mould injection

The plastic mould injection process is conducted at high temperatures which calls for constant cooling of the moulds. Our CPI fittings create a perfect seal and allow technicians to quickly connect and disconnect saving time when changing moulds.

Fluid distribution

Use the LOCKFLEX hose to circulate the two different fluids used throughout injection presses: water for cooling and air for blowing. It is silicone free and has excellent abrasion and ozone resistance.

The air and water supply is self-clamping and colour code identifies the fluid: blue for cold and red for hot.