Compressed air in the construction industry

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)

We consult with engineers and installers to determine which products will best suit their heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) projects. Our product line offers everything needed to install and distribute compressed air and other fluids used in construction.

The Prevost Piping System (PPS) compressed air system

Our compressed air system components are compact, light weight, heavy duty and easy to install for intantaneous pressurisation.

The Prevost Piping System guarantees:
■ A clean, high quality air supply
■ A leak free system with optimised flow rates
■ Maximum pressure of 16 bar

The PPS Ø100mm is available for high capacity installations.

The ALTO filtration system

A long lasting and sustainable installation requires an appropriate filtration system that will perserve pneumatic equipment. Filtration systems reduce system maintanence costs, enhances performance and extends the service life of pneumatic tools.

The sintered bronze or borosilicate cartridges in ALTO filters remove contaminants in compressed air (particles, water and oil). When air passes through it the cartridge blocks solid and liquid particles.

The contaminants are then collected in the tank.

Our hose reels

Our range of reels is designed to meet your different uses and requirements in terms of pressure, material and air quality.

Wall, ceiling or trolley mounted, our hose reels adapt to the configuration of the building and cover a wide range of applications.

Properly positioned, the hose reel frees up workshop space with a gain in productivity and comfort for the user.

Compressed air for public works and construction sites

Our team works closely with architects and engineering firms to customise compressed air installations for a variety of construction projects.

We take a global approach to analyse the primary objective and its specific requirements. We can meet the goals of your project with our full line of products.

AIRCA flexible hose

This is definitely the most widely used component in the building trade.
Thanks to its durability, the hose stands up to to the harshest treatment.
• Outer lining made from EPMD
• Inner lining made from smooth black SBR, reinforced with a synthetic fabric braid
• Lubricated air supply for pneumatic tools


Blow guns

The blow gun is an important tool used to clean work areas. We offer multiple nozzle and body options, there is one available for every application.

Our most popular pistol grip blow gun, 27102, has made a name for itself throughout the industry. Our most recent line, the prevoS1 blow gun, compliments the prevoS1 coupling to create a leak free connection.


Quick safety couplings for compressed air

To guarantee consistent flow rates our couplings fit an array of installation dimensions, from Ø6mm to Ø11mm. The latest addition to the range, the 11EB coupling's (Evolution Body) body is made from composite polyamide, non-scratch and antistatic. Depending on the application, we have additional coupling options available.